Online Blended Learning

What is Online Blended Learning?

Online Blended Learning with Iowa CPR saves you time and money. There are two parts:

Online Cognitive Class

Iowa CPR uses curriculum from American Red Cross and American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI). Our curriculum features up-to-date and relevant information that makes learning easy. During the online cognitive portion of the course you’ll watch videos and answer simple questions. Depending on the course you take, this portion will be 1-3 hours in duration. You can start and stop at your convenience and complete the course using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In-Person Skills Class

After you have completed the online portion of your course you and other students will meet with a certified Iowa CPR instructor for your scheduled in-person skills class. In this class you’ll practice the skills you learned in the online portion of your course and also receive valuable information from your instructor. This in-person class varies in length depending on the course you have chosen to take.

So, why choose Online Blended Learning?

Instead of spending several hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs in an uncomfortable room that is probably at an uncomfortable temperature you can complete most of your course online at your own pace from your own home or business. Spending less time in a classroom makes taking an emergency responder course easier and more available to more people. Spending less time in a classroom also means we can don’t have to charge as much for our courses as other emergency responder training companies do.

Iowa CPR does Online Blended Learning right and everything is built around our customers and how they want to learn.