Iowa CPR began to fix a problem

CPR/First Aid classes in Central Iowa were boring and took too much time. You’d sit in a room that was either too hot or too cold, sit on an uncomfortable folding chair and watch a DVD that had worse acting than your middle school drama club. Certifications were too expensive and it often took several weeks before you received your paper certification card in the mail. It seemed like the rest of the world was moving forward but CPR/First Aid classes were stuck 20 years in the past.

That’s where we came in. Iowa CPR’s most popular product is Online Blended Learning. Why sit in a room and watch a DVD when you can sit at home with your phone, tablet or computer and watch videos online at your own pace. Getting the video portion of class out of the way before the in-person class cuts down on time spent in class dramatically and takes less time out of your busy life. At the conclusion of class you receive your certification in your email usually within 24 hours. CPR/First Aid is finally modernized.

Iowa CPR uses curriculum from American Red Cross and American Safety & Health Institute which is a nationally recognized certification provider that follows guidelines from ILCOR and American Heart Association.

We are your solution for emergency training in Iowa! Our knowledgeable and friendly instructors make class time a breeze and our modern educational methods like Online Blended Learning mean you spend less time in class!

About the Owners

Iowa CPR is owned and operated by Jeff and Jessica Wells. Jeff is a Lieutenant at a fire department and has been a CPR instructor for over 8 years. Jessica is an experienced childcare provider and excels in classes involving other childcare providers.

Jeff and Jessica live in Ankeny, Iowa with their 3 children, 2 dogs and 2 cats.


As a childcare provider, I've taken CPR many times. This was easily the class I learned the most from. It was even on the fun side, and I've never said that before. I totally recommend Jeff and crew for anyone needing or wanting to take CPR. I won't go anywhere else from now on. Thanks Jeff!

-Nikki C